The TopCrunch project was initiated to track the aggregate performance trends of high performance computer systems and engineering software. Instead of using a synthetic benchmark, actual engineering software applications are used with real data and are run on high performance computer systems. The data are available for download in the form of data files for our current software suite. With time, we expect to track the evolution of delivered performance as a function of enhancements in both software algorithms and hardware. The results of the benchmarks are available as submitted, and may be searched by data, code name, and year. Summaries and overall rankings are posted twice per year following the precedent set by TOP500.

Latest Downloads
Upload Date Problem Name Code Version
09/29/15 ODB-10M Topcrunch Benchmark:DYNAPOWER Corp. M.Makino LS-DYNA
12/20/06 neon_refined_revised LS-DYNA
03/07/06 car2car LS-DYNA
Latest Results
Upload Date
Code Version
04/14/19 3 Vehicle Collision LS-DYNA
04/14/19 3 Vehicle Collision LS-DYNA
04/14/19 car2car LS-DYNA

  • As of today May 7, 2007, all cores for each processor must be fully utilized. Benchmarks of multi-core processors using only a single core per processor will no longer be posted.
  • May 25, 2006 - Benchmark results can now be exported as XML or tab delimited files.
  • September 1, 2005 - First dual core processor benchmark results now available.
  • April 2005 - ANSYS, Inc. has contributed a parallel implicit finite element benchmark problem to Top Crunch. It is available in the downloads section.